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Creative Achievement Academy
1667 East Landis Ave. Bld A
Vineland, NJ 08362
(856)691-6667  (856)405-0111
Director - Kellie Murray
Principal - Karen Klaus 
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Upcoming Events

10/14-Off/Columbus Day
10/17-STEP/Adult Day Care
10/18-Early Dismissal/Staff Wksp
10/24-Anti-Bullying Presentation
10/29-Cooking Club Trip
11/05-Closed/Staff Wkshp
11/06-11/08-Closed/NJEA Conv.
11/12-Steered Straight/Vaping
11/27-Early Dismissal













Mission Statement
Creative Achievement Academy is a non-profit scholastic facility with a mission of providing a highly structured educational setting which combines academics, life skills, character development and behavior management.  Our goal is to ensure that students have a safe, creative, and caring therapeutic environment that promotes self-discipline, self esteem, character education, responsibility and respect for diversity.  Our aim is to encourage students to achieve their personal best.

Our philosophy is based upon the conviction that all students deserve a quality education in which individual needs are met, exceeded and supported.  Students receive instruction based on New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and each student’s Individual Education Plan. We recognize that learning is the result of a strong partnership of parents, teachers, and the community.  All of our students are challenged to become active participants in their education process with an aim toward becoming respected members of the community.

This alternative program is designed specifically for students who have experienced attendance, behavior or achievement problems in school and/or personal or social problems out of school. It is presented with the realization that some students, no matter how intelligent, need a different but structured program to meet their individual needs and potential. This program is in accordance with New Jersey's Core Curriculum Content Standards.

We strive to accomplish the following goals:

  • To create an atmosphere which encourages students to obtain knowledge and to develop the life skills necessary to enter the work force and/or pursue higher education.
  • To furnish students with the knowledge of current and changing technologies across the curriculum.
  • To encourage students to become responsible contributors in the decision-making process of our changing society.
  • To develop critical thinking through creative problem solving.
  • To foster understanding, sensitivity, and respect for all cultures.
  • To impart knowledge, practices, and perspectives that promotes personal and global health and safety.
  • To nurture an appreciation for the fine, applied and performing arts.

Coping and Accountability Behavior Plan
The Coping and Accountability (CAA) Model was specifically designed for Creative Achievement Academy to teach our students to accept accountability for their own behavior. Along with a Behavioral Specialist, we created and patented a structured and predictable learning environment that provides coping mechanisms for recovery and self-advocacy. The Coping and Accountability Pyramid is displayed in every classroom, office and hallway of our school. The pyramid clearly states the proper behavior expected of our students, the points earned for acceptable behavior and the consequences for problematic behavior. The pyramid is clear, concise, and consistent. Our students always know what is expected of them in school.  Students can cash their points for rewards. At the school store, there are a variety of items such as gift cards, CD players, clothes, personal products and much more.  Our CAA Model also teaches our students coping skills to help them avoid conflicts in the classroom that could interfere with their education. Through counseling, students are taught various ways to cope with their individual situations and problems. Our students will use these coping tools throughout their life, in school, at home, and in the workplace.