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Curriculum Design
Our policy is to encourage the continuous evolution of our curriculum to meet the individual needs of our diverse population. The teaching team supports creativity and is expected to collaboratively develop the District’s curriculum plan. Our K-12 curriculum is integrated with New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and best practices. We provide real life interactive instruction in accordance with each Individualized Education Program. Our students are encouraged throughout their academic careers to prepare and plan for their futures in the workforce. Essential skills for their success are included but are not exclusive to critical thinking skills, technological literacy, financial responsibility, pro-social skills and cooperative group strategies. Our K-12 instructional team works closely with our surrounding community to provide real life experiences and opportunities to apply their learned skills via field trips and structured learning experiences.

Visual and Performing Arts

Our K-12 instructors work closely with our teaching team to integrate all subject areas and concepts. Students are encouraged to express themselves through various media. Their expressions are not only vital tools to increasing self-esteem, but they explore the arts to discover cultural diversity and societal development throughout history. 
View the Elementary Visual and Performing Arts Matrix
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Health and Physical Education

Students learn health enhancing behaviors that promote good habits of the mind, fitness, character, and physical development. This program empowers students to maintain wellness and to make healthy life decisions.

View the Elementary Phys Ed Planner                            View the Elementary Health Matrix K-2

 View the Middle School Phys Ed Planner                        View the Middle School Health Matrix

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                                                     View the Middle School Health Matrix 3-5

Language Arts Literacy

Language Arts educators utilize a variety of resources to provide instruction that meet the needs and potential of each student. Our K-5 program implements the SRA Mastery Series and direct instruction approach. Our middle school students utilize the Read 180 program daily to apply their literacy skills. Middle and high school students apply listening, fluency and comprehension skills through the exploration of various literary works. Students are required to develop their vocabulary and complete writing tasks according to individual abilities. 
View the  Elementary Language Arts Matrix
View the Middle School Language Arts Matrix
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Our students benefit from hands-on, interactive Math lessons. This instruction is applicable to life. We provide instruction according to grade level standards as set by NJ Core Content Standards by using the SRA Spectrum Series and theme based units supported by Math in a Nutshell Kits. Students at all levels are exposed to numerical operations, patterns, pre-algebra, problem solving, geometry, probability, averages, fractions, decimals, graphing, equivalency measurement according to individual abilities.
View the  Elementary Mathematics Matrix
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A General Science curriculum is implemented K-12. The elementary program uses the Steck Vaughn Wonders of Science Series. High school programs primarily use AGS Series. Each marking period focuses on alternating topics included in chemical, biological, Earth and physical sciences. All students are required to participate in lab assignments. The scientific method is applied in the last marking period cumulating in an annual science fair research project.
View the  Elementary Science Matrix
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View the High School Science Matrix

Social Studies

Each marking period focuses on a Social Studies topic such as civics, economics, geography, World and New Jersey History. Students experience history and geography first-hand through engaging lessons and field trips. They learn to appreciate life lessons from a historical perspective and to have tolerance for cultural differences through exploration of the diversity of the World.
View the Elementary Social Studies Matrix K-2
View the  Elementary Social Studies Matrix
View the  Middle School Social Studies Matrix
View the High School US History Matrix
View the High School World History Matrix

World Language

The Spanish language and Spanish speaking cultures are examined K-8 and in 12 grades. Students not only learn fluency and comprehension of this language but they are introduced to the diversity of the Spanish speaking cultures. Students actively taste different foods, view appropriate commercials/film, and participate in cultural celebrations. 
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Technological Literacy

Each wing has a lab where every student has access to a computer. All pupils are required to maintain a portfolio of assignments. Each included project should demonstrate the student’s technological and troubleshooting abilities. Students must utilize Microsoft Office Programs to complete tasks such as word processing, graphing, and visual art, presentations, and data entry. Every pupil must exhibit responsible use of the computer and internet. Technological skills are also integrated into all other subject areas.
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21st Century Skills
Our children learn 21st Century skills and have the opportunity to apply them in real life settings. Students learn pro-social and workplace readiness skills such as teamwork and critical thinking. Resume writing and mock interviews are conducted. K-8 pupils explore careers during onsite visits to local businesses. During high school, they are able to work under our Structured Learning Experiences (SLE) Program. 

View the Elementary 21st Century Skills Matrix
View the Middle School 21st Century Skills Matrix
View the High School 21st Century Skills Matrix

Creative Achievement Academy is approved to administer New Jersey’s required Statewide Testing.  Twice per year, students are also assessed through the KTEA. This assessment establishes functional grade levels for Reading, Writing, and Math. These levels are used to provide modifications and accommodations for grade appropriate instruction. 

READ 180

Creative Achievement Academy Schools are proud to announce the addition of the READ 180 Program to our schools. READ 180 is a comprehensive reading intervention program.  During 90 minute sessions, students are instructed at their individual levels. They participate in whole and small groups as well as independent reading time. Students also have individual time to use an interactive computer program to practice literacy skills via games and trivia. Scholastic touts success with this program because it is research based and data driven. Our students will enjoy continued success with this interactive program because technology is integrated, its content is of high interest and it is geared towards their individual learning needs. 
View the Read 180 Matrix

Smart Boards
Creative Achievement Academy Schools have added Smart Board Technology to our educational program. Large, interactive, electronic whiteboards are quickly replacing the use of chalkboards as a learning source and enhances instruction in every subject. The digital whiteboards are in every classroom and run off of our wireless internet source allowing teachers access to large amounts of information for their lessons. The information on the digital boards can be stored, saved and shared so teachers can collaborate on lessons. Our students are excited by the new technology as they are actively involved in the interactive instruction.