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Creative Achievement Academy
1667 East Landis Ave. Bld A
Vineland, NJ 08362
(856)691-6667  (856)405-0111
Director - Kellie Murray
Principal - Karen Klaus 
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Upcoming Events

10/14-Off/Columbus Day
10/17-STEP/Adult Day Care
10/18-Early Dismissal/Staff Wksp
10/24-Anti-Bullying Presentation
10/29-Cooking Club Trip
11/05-Closed/Staff Wkshp
11/06-11/08-Closed/NJEA Conv.
11/12-Steered Straight/Vaping
11/27-Early Dismissal













New Technology

READ 180
Creative Achievement Academy Schools are proud to announce the addition of the READ 180 Program to our schools.

READ 180 is a comprehensive reading intervention program.
During 90 minute sessions, students are instructed at their individual levels. They participate in whole and small groups as well as independent reading time. Students also have individual time to use an interactive computer program to practice literacy skills via games and trivia. Scholastic touts success with this program because it is research based and data driven.

Our students will enjoy continued success with this interactive program because technology is integrated, its content is of high interest and it is geared towards their individual learning needs.

Smart Boards
Creative Achievement Academy Schools have added Smart Board Technology to our educational program. Large, interactive, electronic whiteboards are quickly replacing the use of chalkboards as a learning source and enhances instruction in every subject.

The digital whiteboards are in every classroom and run off of our wireless internet source allowing teachers access to large amounts of information for their lessons. The information on the digital boards can be stored, saved and shared so teachers can collaborate on lessons. Our students are excited by the new technology as they are actively involved in the interactive instruction.

iPad Integration
CAA High School students now have access to technological resources via iPad applications.  The ipads have proven to be a valuable learning tool in the classroom.  Some of the apps our students are using are: Civil War, Cool Facts, 3D Cell Stain, Fitness, Fluent News, Graphic Calculator, Google Earth, HD Spiders & Insects, iBooks, iFormulae, MB Anatomy, Periodic Table, Quick Graph, Science VL, Smarty School, This Day, Units, US Documents, USA Today, Web MD, Your Rights, Human Anatomy, Human Body, Grammar Up, Pass the Past and Merriam Webster Dictionary.