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Creative Achievement Academy
1667 East Landis Ave. Bld A
Vineland, NJ 08362
(856)691-6667  (856)405-0111
Director - Kellie Murray
Principal - Karen Klaus 
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10/14-Off/Columbus Day
10/17-STEP/Adult Day Care
10/18-Early Dismissal/Staff Wksp
10/24-Anti-Bullying Presentation
10/29-Cooking Club Trip
11/05-Closed/Staff Wkshp
11/06-11/08-Closed/NJEA Conv.
11/12-Steered Straight/Vaping
11/27-Early Dismissal













Student Support Services
At Creative Achievement Academy Schools we offer programs and services to help each and every child succeed academically and develop skills that will carry them into adulthood. 

Counseling Department
The counseling team is an integral part of the school program that helps students resolve issues that interfere with learning. This includes prevention and intervention strategies to enhance student success. Counselors meet with students during the school day according to a pre-arranged schedule. Because counseling is such a significant part of our CAA program, we employ full-time social workers as well as an on-site psychiatrist. View our Anti-Bullying Policy

Speech and Language Services
Speech and Language services are provided at Creative Achievement Academy for students whose needs are addressed in the receiving district's Individual Education Plan. A license SLP with more than 30 years experience in a school district instructs students in the areas of fluency, voice, articulation, language, augmentative, and alternative communication and assisting technology either individually or in a group session. Meeting each student's communication needs is our goal.

Occupational Therapy
Creative Achievement Academy provides occupational therapy services for any student whose IEP indicates this need. A licensed therapist is contracted through a reputable rehabilitation agency. The OT/COTA provides onsite sessions in accordance with identified student's IEP.

Creative Achievement Academy provides all students with a nutritionally balanced breakfast and lunch free of charge.  These meals are based on the federal guidelines for school nutrition. Creative Achievement Academy Schools promote an environment conducive to wellness in all aspects of our student’s lives. We encourage healthy choices to help reduce risks associated with poor eating habits. Our goal is to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle in an effort to improve the quality of life for our school population.
View our Nutrition/Wellness Policy

2017 Lead Testing Results

The Health Services Department as Creative Achievement Academy Schools consists of a full time nurse on duty at all times.  The nurse offers daily support to students with chronic health needs and/or periodic illness/injury. All students are screened for vision, hearing, blood pressure, height/weight and scoliosis. Maintenance of health records and immunizations are performed on an ongoing basis. In the event of a potentially infectious condition, the nursing staff may determine the need for exclusion. Our goal is to provide physical and emotional support to students and staff to facilitate a positive educational process.